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Once upon a time in East Java lived a priest named Sidi Mantra. He was :r good manners priest and managed religion very good. He was very respected 1w his society and his attitude became a pattern. He had enough property and a beautiful wife. But he did not look happy yet because he did not ha%e son. Onc day, he discussed this with his wife and told her about his willing to make worship ceremony to ask for a child to God. His wife agreed.
After sometimes they made worship ceremonies to ask for a child, then the wife of Sidi Mantra was pregnant. Not quite long, a son was born named Manik Angkeran. He became a handsome guy. Unfortunately, he loved gambling. I lis. father had advised him many times, but he did not listen to him. Because of oficil loosed, after a long time Sidi Mantra's wealthy became lessen and finally poor. But Manik Angkeran kept gambling. He had a lot of obligations and asked to his father to pay it. Because Manik Angkeran was the only son, Sidi Mantra felt pity to him. He promised to pay his son's obligations. With his mysticism power, Sidi Mantra found a clue that in a mount named Mount Agung that located in the East Cape there was generous properties. Then, Sidi Mantra departed to the east brought his worship bell.
After arrived at the top of Mount Agung, Sidi Mantra started spell incantation while ringing his bell. Not quite long, came out a huge dragon named Naga Besukih. Sidi Mantra told him about his son condition. Then Naga Besuk I h helped him and gave him gold and diamonds, but Sidi Mantra should advise his son not to gambling because related to religion tuition gambling was a humblest job.

After took all gold and diamonds, Sidi Mantra went home to East Java. A I I his son's obligations was paid, while gave advise so his son would not gambling However, his father's advice was not obeyed by Manik Angkeran. His obligation! were in heaps again. As usual with a sad voice, he faced his father asked him to pay his obligations. Though a bit upset, finally he departed to meet Naga Besukih to ask for help. In Mount Agung, Sidi Mantra spelled his magic words and rang
his bell. Naga Besukih came out from his palace. Again Naga Besukih gave him gold and diamonds, but he told Sidi Mantra that this was his last help.
Then Sidi Mantra went back home and paid his son's obligations. Manik Angkeran surprised because his father was very easy to get a lot of properties. lie wanted to know but, his father did not answer and told him that this was his last help. He would no help anymore. Not in a long time, Manik Angkeran's obligations were in heaps again. To ask for help to his father, he did'not have courage. That was why he decided to find the source of the property by himself From some of his friends he got information that Sidi Mantra got properties in a mount in the east called Mount Agung. Then Manik Angkeran -departed to the east after stole his father's bell. After arrived in Mount Agung, Manik Angkeran rang his father's bell. Naga Besukih felt being called by the sound of the bell. But he felt surprised did not listen any magic words spelled. Naga Besukih came out. He saw Manik Angkeran came and brought his father's bell. Saw this thing. Naga
Besukih was very angry. Manik Angkeran told him about his purpose to ask for a help.
Seeing Manik Angkeran's sadness, Naga Besukih felt sorry. He promised to help Manik Angkeran. After giving long lasting advice, Naga Besukih turned his body to take property that given soon to Manik Angkeran. At that time,. Naga Besukih's tail was still on the ground while his head and body entered to the earth. Having saw Naga Besukih's tail full of big diamonds, Manik Angkeran's evil willing appeared. He drew out his dagger then cut off Naga Besukih's tail. Naga Besukih fought against and turned his body. However, Manik Angkeran had gone. Naga Besukih chased Manik Angkeran but he could not find him. He only found his footmark. With incredible power, Naga Besukih burned Manik Angkeran's footmark. Because of Naga Besukih power, Manik Angkeran that was in his way home felt his body hot, then laid down and became ash.
In East Java Sidi Mantra was nervous because his son disappeared. His worship bell also was not in its place. Sidi Mantra felt sure that the bell was taken by his own son. I also was sure that his son went to Mount Agung looking for property. Suddenly, Sidi Mantra departed to Mount Agung. After arrived there, he saw Naga Besukih was outside his palace. In a rush, Sidi Mantra admonished Naga Besukih. Naga Besukih told Sidi Mantra about the things happened between Manik Angkeran and him. Naga Besukih was very angry. Sidi Mantra begged him to give back his son's life. For their friendship ness, Naga Besukih agreed with one condition that he wanted his tail back.

After giving advice to his son, Sidi Mantra went back home to East Java. Manik Angkeran was not allowed to follow him. He was requested to live around Mount Agung. Because he already realized his mistakes, Manik Angkeran obeyed his parents order. When Sidi Mantra arrived in an isthmus land, he incised his stick to the land. Suddenly the notch became wide and sea water to be stagnant. Then it became a strait, and now named as Bali Strait.


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