Folktales from Indonesia, Bali. This story is a fairy tales as usual for kids stories from folklore generation to generation.
Cupak and Grantang Bali Folktales 3
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Once upon a time somewhere in Bali there are brothers called Cupak and Grantang who are living in a small village far away from the 'city. Cupak is a big, ugly- and greedy man. Meanwhile his younger brother, Grantang has a very different appearance, attitude, also characteristics with Cupak. Grantang is a handsome, polite and generous young man. Cupak always cheating on his younger brother Grantang, but Grantang never complained about that. Grantang always does what his brother, told him, without trying to disobey all his orders. Even though Grantang keep trying to become a good brother, Cupak never care about him. Cupak is only caring about himself He always hungry and eat as much as he can without considering anybody else including Grantang.

One day when they go to the city to buy some food, they heard the rumor that the King's daughter had been kidnap by a big giant. That giant took the Princess into the forest. To save his daughter, the King then announces a contest to his people and people from others kingdoms, that any one, who can save his daughter will be rewarded. If a man he will make him his son in law by marrying his daughter and if a woman he will adopt her as his daughter. Of course this offer is attracting so many people. A lot of warriors are taking a part in the contest, including Cupak and Grantang. All of them then go to see the King and get his permission to try to save his daughter.

Even though a lot of warriors had been trying to save the princess from the giant, nobody can defeat him. Cupak and Grantang who are also taking a part in this contest are finally got to the cave, where the giant are hiding the Princess. Before they start entering the cave, both of them make a promise that whoever able to kill the giant is the winner. Cupak said to his brother: "Grantang, I will give you the first chance to kill the giant, if in two hours you cannot kill the giant please come out from the cave and I will kill that giant'.

Grantang enters the cave and tries to kill the giant before Cupak. After a while Grantang shout-, from the cave: "My brother please saves the princess first, I will send her out". Cupak hears that and takes the princess away from the cave. After having the princess in his hand, a bad idea comes out from his mind. "If I wait Grantang until he manages to kill the giant, of course he will be the winner and married the princess." Cupak lifts a huge rock and put it in front of the cave, so that his brother or the giant will never manage to come out from the cave and died there.

Finally Cupak able to take the princess back to his father and become the winner. In front of the King Cupak said that he was the one who killed the giant but unfortunately he had loss his brother Grantang. The King fells sorry for that and starts to arrange the married of his daughter with Cupak.

Meanwhile in the cave, Grantang still fighting the giant and finally he manage to kill that giant. On the way out he was very surprised to see the cave has been blocked with a big rock. Grantang try to remove the rock, which is closing the cave with all the power he got left. Within a few moments Grantang is able to get out from the cave and soon realizes that his brother has cheated him. He is very angry this time to his brother Cupak. Grantang fears that he will get back what belongs to him. He is planning to reclaim his reward from Cupak, that he is the one who deserves to get marry with the Princess.

Grantang then comes to the castle and sees the King. The King is very surprised to see Grantang. Grantang tells, the King about what is really happen. After thinking for a while, The King decided to let them fighting each other in a fair fight, and the winner will be his son in law. Grantang agrees to that idea, because he wants to beat his own brother and become the husband of the Princess. The fight begins! Cupak and Grantang are having the same ability in fighting. Both of them are strong and have various kinds of styles in fighting. These make the fight takes a very long time. Firstly Cupak is able to hold attacks from Grantang, even he is also can reply all those attacks. But, slowly but sure, Grantang can makes Cupak exhausted and finally beats him. By that, The King sure that Grantang is more powerful than Cupak and he was the one who killed the giant and deserves to marry the Princess as the King promise.

Grantang married the princess and life happily ever after, meanwhile Cupak was sent to prison by the King because he was proven tried to cheat the King.

End of story cupak and grantang, folktales from Bali-Indonesia.


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