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Retold of A FISH WITH A MOUSTACHE folktales
 Once upon a time in a village in Bali, there lived a witch doctor that was well known for his extremely magical powers. This doctor was capable of healing animals and human beings suffering from severe diseases and he was even able to bring dead animals back to life- One particular time, an animal had had it's head cut off and he managed to revive it by attaching the head cut off and he managed to revive it by attaching the head to the animal's body following a mantra sentence reading.
News of the doctor's effectiveness in applying his magic spread swiftly everywhere within a short time. People flocked to him to see if he could heal their ill family members, and others came with their diseased animals, sometimes even with their dead cattle. His chain of success in rescuing the ill animals brought about an effect that no more living creatures in the worid would be trampled to death.
Nevertheless, the witch doctor wanted to do more and wished next time try to and bring a dead person back to life by cutting off his head and-then joining it together again. He told people of his idea but nobody was interested in taking part in his experiment because nobody among the public was brave enough.

At last, the witch doctor used one of his sons to try out such an uncertain experiment. Not with standing rejection posed by many people against the queer plan, the doctor was determined to execute his idea. He took his son to a high altar, the poor boy's face was sweating and his body was shaking. Standing beside his son, the doctor stood upright with a sword in his right hand.
"My brothers. . . now, I'm ready to start executing my plan to revive a dead man!" His claim was uttered with a trembling body, which reached the Gods in Heaven. These deities were greatly surprised, followed by anger when they heard about the witch doctor's wish. The deities went down in a hurry to check the crazy idea, however the heavenly deities arrived late. The witch doctor had already severed his son's head by his sword bringing it rolling down to the ground followed by hysterical shouts from onlookers.
The village medicine man was trying to grasp his son's head when one of the gods kicked the human head so it flew into the sky and then fell down into a
river. The deities reprimanded the medicine man and said, "Hey, you crazy medicine man! You have committed an indecent deed. You are very greedy! If you had succeeded in the experiment you have just done, you would be equal to God!" listening to the deities' critical voices, the medicine man became aware of his foolish action and became afraid, he felt that he was in danger.
No sooner than he asked for forgiveness, the deities spoke further as follows: "The head of your son will come into union with the body of a fish in the river. Your son will become a fish forever."
Since the incident, a fish having a human head often appeared in the water attracting onlookers. This fish had no descendants, but gradually the fish lots its human head, instead of which a moustache grew across its mouth similar to that of a human moustache. Up to 'now the Balinese have found fishes of this kind, appearing in some districts of Bali and they remain sacred and must not be eaten.


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