Psycholinguistics: Lexical Storage

Psycholinguistic: Lexical Storage

Lexical Storage: how the words are storage and its relationship to others words.
When we said an ‘orange’, then our mind will find other close words which are related to the word of ‘orange’.
Retrieve: is a process of finding a new word in our mind when we get the word. We can use a close meaning or a close form to get a close relationship in our new word.

Storage Assist access
Word storage is not independent and bound with the mind.
For example: when we said ‘apple’, then our mind will thinking about ‘orange, pear’. We also will try finding another meaning o the word 'apple', we will thinking about the ‘fruit’ or the form o the ‘apple’, round fruit.
Form of retrieving: ‘pear’, then our mind will not thinking about ‘tear’ or ‘wear’.
Access Process: form, mind, and sensory (the more sense recognize the word, the more easier we will remember)

Collocation: A close word related others words
Step in Storage
  1. Identify the words in question
  2. organize the words into a syntactic pattern
  3. turn the question into a proposition (an abstract idea)
  4. search your memory for information
  5. retrieve the information
  6. turn the information into words
  7. utter the words


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