Reason Why People are Comes to Bali

Bali Island

No other parts of Indonesian can be compete Bali as the international tourist destination. Bali has everything with the other parts do not have. It has beautiful nature, interesting arts, friendly people, nice culture and standard security. Of course, all o them should be the reason why people are comes to Bali
From the beach until the mountain Bali have them. The beach has a beautiful sunset, nice sunrise and white sand. People love it. If they get bored, they can go to the mountain. It is still naturally.

Balinese people like arts. They are genius in carving, smart in painting and dancing. Therefore tourist bring some art carve to their homeland as the present. Where, Balinese art is very interesting.
People in Bali are very friendly. They are very helpfully. If we meet someone that we do not know, sometime they say hello or just smile to us because of their friendliness. The society is always helping each other. You can use this as one reason why people are comes to Bali.
Bali’s culture is very interested to learn. Because it is has a good history. It is still preserve until now. Tourist is interesting to learn about Balinese culture, they think it has difference from other culture in other place.
From standard security, Bali is watching it. Many people come and out to Bali is noted by government. Every tourism place in Bali has standard security. Therefore, tourist feels secure in Bali. They do not afraid if they have to walk alone in night.
            That is the reason Bali is number one from tourist destination. Bali has something interested to explore. And the tourism is supported by government, society and nature. Know you have now the reason why people are comes to Bali.

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