News Kaskus.Co.Id October 2012, Update Your Thread Now

Homepage of New Kaskus Design Oct 2012

Refresh yourself, this is the new title of kaskus, the largest Indonesian online community forum. For many people, especially for some foreigner (not Indonesian), they will surprise, what happen to They will find this forum with a new design. Honestly, I like kaskus design presently; however, some problems occur, since kaskus change their new server.

Kaskus migration server is running for 3-6 months ago, since the early of this year, 2012. Over posting is unable avoid. Some thread is lost/ unlinked and many problems appear. Now, this is my main topic, Migrate your thread now. If you have read this article (mine), you should check all of your thread that you have made or create, then check in the new kaskus, is all of your important thread is updated or available in the new kaskus?

If yes, you must be lucky. If no and your important thread is not in new kaskus (domain, then check in the old kaskus with the domain of old kaskus is in the old kaskus domain you find your thread. Now, How to bring or fix my thread in the old kaskus to the new kaskus?

To bring your thread from old kaskus to the new kaskus (October 2012), follow these simple steps (as mention in official kaskus announcement in Indonesian version guide):
1. Enter the old kaskus, log in to
2. Find you own thread, just click your profile (you have know about this)
3. Open your thread (still in the
4. See your thread, and choose “EDIT” in the first page.
This is the important/ main step. This step is only to take your HTML thread in the old kaskus then paste into the new kaskus. Did you get my point?
Just copy your old thread in the new kaskus then paste it to the new kaskus by creating a new thread.
5. That’s all.
Please remember, I you have many unlinked thread to the new kaskus, then you should copy paste it to the new kaskus OR, just send your feedback message to official kaskus report in

That’s all, hopefully it can help you, or just give your comment hopefully I can help you here.


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