Deixis and Distances by George Yule

Chapter II
Deixis and Distances
Book of “Pragmatics” by George Yule

Deixis Definition:
A Deixis is technical terms from Greek, for one of the most basic things we do with utterance (referring by the language).
Meaning for the word 
Definition to word  
Sometime, deictic expressions are called indexical.
 Some Deixis Examples
Some terms in pragmatics:
Proximal (near from speaker): this, here, now, he, she, it,
Distal (away from speaker) : that, there, then, you.
Person deixis (speaker): Me, I.
Personal deixis
Politenesses in Speaking are concern to diction, sentences structure selection, gesture, posture, tone, and mimic (roman muka).
Pragmatics Deixis 
Person Deixis is deictic reference to the participant role of a referent, such as the speaker,
the addressee, and referents which are neither speaker nor addressee.
Spatial deixis (ruang pembicara) meaning & word
Temporal deixis can make a difference sentence structure.
Deixis Social 
Those Material above are based on the Book of “Pragmatics” by George Yule, publish by Oxford University Press 1996.
The material is chapter report of my lecturer in Pragmatics subject in the Chapter 1 Definition and background: syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, regularity, and the pragmatics wastebasket page 4-6.
Meaning for the word 
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