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News Kaskus.Co.Id October 2012, Update Your Thread Now

Refresh yourself, this is the new title of kaskus, the largest Indonesian online community forum. For many people, especially for some foreigner (not Indonesian), they will surprise, what happen to They will find this forum with a new design. Honestly, I like kaskus design presently; however, some problems occur, since kaskus change their new server.
Kaskus migration server is running for 3-6 months ago, since the early of this year, 2012. Over posting is unable avoid. Some thread is lost/ unlinked and many problems appear. Now, this is my main topic, Migrate your thread now. If you have read this article (mine), you should check all of your thread that you have made or create, then check in the new kaskus, is all of your important thread is updated or available in the new kaskus?

Pragmatics: Appropiacy, Inference, Indeterminacy, Context, Relevance, Reflexivity, Misfires

Theory, Definition and Examples according Book of “Doing Pragmatics” by Peter Grundy Below material are based on the Book of “Doing Pragmatics” by Peter Grundy. The material is chapter report of my lecturer in Pragmatics subject.
1. Using and Understanding Language Keywords: indirect meaning, inference, indeterminacy, context, relevance, reflexivity, deixis, implicature, speech act Theory, Definition and Examples
Looking for Peter Grundy Books or ebook, Doing Pragmatics?

Deixis and Distances by George Yule

Chapter II Deixis and Distances Book of “Pragmatics” by George Yule
Deixis Definition: A Deixis is technical terms from Greek, for one of the most basic things we do with utterance (referring by the language). Meaning for the word  Definition to word Sometime, deictic expressions are called indexical.  Some Deixis Examples Some terms in pragmatics: Proximal (near from speaker): this, here, now, he, she, it, Distal (away from speaker) : that, there, then, you. Person deixis (speaker): Me, I. Personal deixis

Definition of Pragmatics

The below material are based on the Book of “Pragmatics” by George Yule, publish by Oxford University Press 1996. The material is chapter report of my lecturer in Pragmatics subject in the Chapter 1 Definition and background: syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, regularity, and the pragmatics wastebasket page 4-6.
Pragmatics is about speaker meaning, contextual meaning, gets communicated that sets, and expression of relative distance.