Mudik In Indonesia

What is the meaning of mudik in English?
Mudik, is term of Indonesian language. This term usually used in Ramadhan Month. Its mean that, people are going home to their hometown where they parents are live. Did you get the message. So, maybe mudik could be translated into English as going home.

Why people are going mudik?
In the end of Ramadhan, muslim will have Iedul Fitri. Iedul Fitri is a winner day. People who take shaum or fasting will end their holly month of iedul fitri. In the Iedul Fitri, people will go to mudik. Mudik is a tradition on iedul fitri. They will get meeting together with their lovely family, especially their parents. That why, why people are going to mudik. They need to meet their old parents in their hometown. This is an Indonesian tradition, mudik.

How long they get going home or mudik?
Commonly , people will have in their hometown is depend on their holiday period. If they are not an employment, some people will take mudik for 1-2 weeks. However, an employment will follow their company regulation, except they get their holiday period.

What is special of mudik?
This is the special one. Have you go to Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia? What do you think about this city? Jakarta is one of largest population in this world. So, when mudik time, Jakarta will get silent. You can drive fast in Main Street of Jakarta or in the highway. People of Jakarta are going to their hometown. This is special time, when you need to go around the Jakarta City only a day. But of course, you need to find where you need to get your eat or opened restaurant in Iedul Fitri.

Well, those are about mudik. Mudik have special meaning for Indonesia People. Going to their hometown, meet their parents, and get together by the big family. Those are mudik.


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