Lake Sentani Festival is Ready

Wednesday, 13th of june 2012, 18:12 GMT +7

Sentani Lake in Jayapura, Papua Province

Jakarta (Antara News) – Festival Budaya Danau Sentani or Lake Sentani Cultural Festival is ready on 19-30th of June 2012, this year.
Wakil Menteri Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif  (Wamen Parekraf) or Vice Minister for Tourism and Creative Economy , Sapta Nirwandar, in press conferences stated that, Lake Sentani festival can attract more tourist to comes to Papua and supports local social economy from tourism activity.

“Lake Sentani Cultural Festival is cultural tourism activity according social activity. Aim of this festival is to preserve local cultural value and support social economy and rising their economy from” tourism activity and creative economy.” Stated Wamen Parekraf.

Furthermore, Lake Sentani Cultural Festival will be held in Kalkhote Lake, Ohei Village, East Sentani, Jayapura Regency, Papua.

This is the fifth of Lake Sentani Cultural Festival carry out the theme as “One for All” and perform some activity and cultural attraction.

Kabupaten Jayapura or Jayapura regency is one of 19 oldest regencies in Papua Province. This regency owns have various natures, cultural and historical tourism potency.

This year,  Lake Sentani Cultural Festival will perform three main performance, which are dancing on the boat followed by 1,040 participants from 26 Tradition Village (Kampung Adat or Ondofi), battle on the boat by 600 participants from 20 ondofi, and parade on the boat and on the land, including Sentani social sacred ceremony.
Translated from: “Festival Danau Sentani siap digelar”
Link resource: http://www.antaranews.*com/berita/315841/festival-danau-sentani-siap-digelar 
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