Break Over the Rule, 14 Mountaineers Get Sanction in Gede Pangarango Mountain

Saturday, 16th of June 2012, 18:22 WIB

Gede Pangarango Mountain
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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BOGOR – A humor told that 14 mountaineers was lost in Gede Pangrango mountain, West Java-Indonesia, a several days ago will take legal sanction from Balai Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango (Gede Pangrango National Park Beureu) as their action to break over conservation area without permission.

“We will give a sanction to them to cleaning a rubbish in a Gede Pangarango Mountain, planting and adopted the tree,” state Head of Gede Pangarango National Park Bureau, Agus Wahyudi to ANTARA contacted on Sunday.

Agus stated that, these 14 mountaineers will take detention period in Gede Pangarango Mountain for two-three weeks, according to their ability to finish their sanction. 

Rubbish cleaning area location and planting the tree will conducted on several spot in Gede Pangarango Mountain, such as in hiking path on Putri Mountain and planting activities will take in Saronger Tree adoption Area.

According Agus, this sanction is based on their behavior on break over the regulation without permission to enter National Park area. Their action is bad impact to their self, they get lost during hiking from illegal path.

“They accepted and ready to take their sanction, in the short future they will call to take their sanction”, said Agus.

Furthermore, their action to break over National Park without permission trough illegal path is break conservation regulation. This violation is should be taking a sanction because it threaten ecosystem in conservation area.

These 14 mountaineers are climb up on Sunday (10/6) ago, and then they climb Gede Pangarango Mountain through Pasir Sumbu Track, which is illegal track line.

News about these mountaineers get lost is comes from the driver who bring them. The driver report that, the man who hires him is can not going down because they get lost and out of logistics.

Sunday (12/6) SAR team of TNGP evacuated these 14 mountaineers. These mountaineers stated that, the climb up the mountain in order to survey mountain bicycle tracking line.

Translation Source:  http://www.republika.


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