NEW: What Happened to Forums on May 2012, Server Down or Error?

Kaskus Server Error Notification
“ server not found" or “the page is not available”, the page announcement that appear in your browser when you try to visit this largest Indonesian forum on May 26-28, 2012. But, in fact, domain was change their DNS or domain name system, from domain to new domain of or domain.

Press release about this moment was announced by Kaskus CEO, Ken Dean Lawadinata.                    

 “Since Saturday May 26, 2012, Kaskus was interrupted by DNS (domain name system). Therefore, is not accessible. And start from Monday, May 27, 2012 kaskus was reidirect to or And now, Kaskus was in normal activyty and you can access as a regular situation. So, keep Ngaskus, Gan!. We are sorry for our delays notification, and makes KASKUSER was panic that you are can not ngaskus (browsing and comment in kaskus forum)”

Points of this situation are:
First: You can still visit this forum by change your site address from and changed into or
Second: Just changed your entire bookmark in kaskus, just changed it, from “” intu “” or “”
Third: There is no any problem instead of DNS problem in (just change your domain). All forums and its sub forum are normal, including market forum.

How to easily change your bookmark at kaskus, you can visit the guide on formally press release, that release in kaskus forum by this link http://kaskus.*com/14688024 (delete asterix).


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