Kaskus.us is “Server not Found”

That is announcement from my browser during May 26th-27th 2012, when I was try to visit kaskus.us. The biggest online Indonesian forum, kaskus.us is under maintenance on that day. This forum has more than 4,3 million members (May 2012) from any country. The name of kaskus is derived from kasak-kusuk, where its mean that, the term that used when we talking about something, especially someone, Maybe if we try to make an English it might become “check and re-check” or “chereck”.

When I post this, this site is still under server error. All the member realize that, this forum is under upgrading process, since their server is begin overload and over posting on the forum. This moment is always happen when the time is indicate at peak hour, usually at 8-10 PM or 1-3 AM. Therefore, this forum has try to upgrade their server in last 2-4 four ago.

This forum is very interesting, especially for Indonesian people. The entire member can find much information related their daily activity. Another part of this forum which is interesting is in Market Forum or forum jual beli. This part of forum is very interesting, we can many stuff, service offering or many buyer and seller here. Just make a new thread in market forum and make frequently to bump your thread, because in one sub forum, many members also try to bump their “shop” to indicate that their in active. And I also do a others members do.

Let’s us wait official announcement from the administrator of this forum, to know what happen to their site.


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