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NEW: What Happened to Forums on May 2012, Server Down or Error?

“ server not found" or “the page is not available”, the page announcement that appear in your browser when you try to visit this largest Indonesian forum on May 26-28, 2012. But, in fact, domain was change their DNS or domain name system, from domain to new domain of or domain.
Press release about this moment was announced by Kaskus CEO, Ken Dean Lawadinata.

Lady Gaga Formally Canceled its Concert into Indonesia

Sunday, 27 May 2012, 12:43 WIB
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - United State of America popular singer, Lady Gaga canceled her concert in Indonesia. This decision was state by official promoter of Lady Gaga, Big Dady, who introduces this eccentric singer Lady Gaga to come to Indonesia.
Attorney of Big Dady, Minola Sebayang state that, this cancellation is taken by promoter management is based on security reason in Indonesia. She argued that, this cancellation of Poker Face singer arrival is not because of unlicensed formally from Indonesian Police.
“In difficult ways, Big Dady formally state to media that Lady Gaga concert is can not be performed. We are considering to Indonesian security situation” She stated on Sunday (May 27th, 2012). is “Server not Found”

That is announcement from my browser during May 26th-27th 2012, when I was try to visit The biggest online Indonesian forum, is under maintenance on that day. This forum has more than 4,3 million members (May 2012) from any country. The name of kaskus is derived from kasak-kusuk, where its mean that, the term that used when we talking about something, especially someone, Maybe if we try to make an English it might become “check and re-check” or “chereck”.
When I post this, this site is still under server error. All the member realize that, this forum is under upgrading process, since their server is begin overload and over posting on the forum. This moment is always happen when the time is indicate at peak hour, usually at 8-10 PM or 1-3 AM. Therefore, this forum has try to upgrade their server in last 2-4 four ago.
This forum is very interesting, especially for Indonesian people. The entire member can find much information related their daily activity. Another par…

NTT Owned Eight Natural Wonders

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KUPANG --  Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT or East Lesser Sundas) owned eight wonders as part of tourism sector to activate and engine of basic needs for social economy.
These natural wonders are located in Flores Island (five wonders) and others are located in Sumba Island (Nihiwatu Beach), Alor Island (Alor Dive), and Nemberalla Beach in Rote Ndao Regency.
“Government Assistance Team has comes and discuss all about this eight wonders. Now, the Team is finishing NTT tourism master plan which are presented before.” said Governor Assistance Secretary Team of NTT, Edu Hena in Kupang on Monday. “In master plan draft, we mention the NTT eight wonders and could be able as suppor engine for social economy.”

A Judge and An Old Lady Cassava Steal

In the courtroom, a judge is seated, listening, stunned, to the charges being read out by the Prosecutor against an old lady accused of stealing cassava in a plantation. The old lady defended her action on the basis of poverty, saying that her son was ill, and her grandchild was starving. But a man, the manager of the Company that owned the cassava plantation asserted that the charges would continue as an example for other people.

The Judge drew a long breath, and said, “Forgive, madam,” as he looked at the old lady.

“I cannot grant you exemption from the law, for the law is still the law, and you must be prosecuted. I sentence you with a fine of Rp.1 million, and if you are unable to pay the fine, you must face 2,5 years imprisonment, as the Prosecutor has charged.”