Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hai there, How are you?
Are you fine….
I hope yes.
            Well this is my personal feeling spread in a piece of monitor. Today I have my birthday on 26 years old. But I am still alone, without creating my family. I feel ill if I see a couple that’s looks very romantics. I just imagine when I will create that.

            Silaturahmi is form Muslim words. It means that come to say hallo to someone or your family and taking a chit chat. Usually use for to ask for news or something that need to know as a personnel feeling. That is a good attitude I think. But, what do you think in this period, have you a quest or someone from your family or best friend comes to your home in this week, or in this month. What do you feel if they come? Of course sometimes you are happy, sometimes your dislike it.

            But, did you know if, a person that want to say hallo (see your condition) without any intention just to say hallo or “how are you?” should have a big holy feelings to this activities. Therefore, we should have an appreciation to our quest (family, friends, etc) when they comes to your place.

            And now, I just confuse to come to my family. Are they welcoming for me or not? Are they realize that I only to see them only twice a year (if I have remember for them), with enough encourage, making your priceless times, and long distance just to say, “How was your condition?” I really do not know. I want to see my friends in his living today, but he says, he is not at home on Sunday. Well then, I will ask him again or say hello again for 3 next months if he is still in my friends list.


  1. Mas, Inggris nya banyak yang salah.

    1. M M...
      Iya emang.
      Tulisannya cuma curahan hati aja kok. Jadi gak sempat di baca ulang.
      Maaf ya...
      Terima kasih sudah di Komentarin.

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