THE COLONEL’S LADY (Social life point of view analysis)

(Social life point of view analysis)
PROSE ANALYSIS: Group Assignment
            The Colonel’s Lady is a short story written by W.Somerset Maugham.T he story consists of some characteristic which has a relatedness each other such as: George Pilgrimre, Evie, E.K. Hamilton, Banock, Daphne, Duke of Havarel. Henry Dashwood, and Henry Blane. The story is about George Pilgrime and his wife Evie, who made  a novel tells about her secret love with a young boy, but lately that young boy was died. Actually, Evie has given the novel to her husband to be read out. But George Pilgrime didn’t do it. When he went to London, he so surprised because her wife novel is very popular. I t makes him become interesting to reread her wife novel. Later on, he knew that thye novel show her wife secret love with another person. Then he went to his lawyer and he wanted to send detective to investigate her wife affairs. Firstly, he wants to divorce his wife but he didn’t do it because he feel so sad besides he ever do the same thing to his wife.

            In the social point of view, there is a contradictive shown by this couple, George Pilgrime and Evie. How they sit when having breakfast. They sit in far distance. But even though they aware this situation, but their daily life is run as commonly like the other family. Evie as a house wife do her duty very well. She doesn’t care about her husband affair even though she know about it. Until the true problem occur. Evie has an affair with a boy that younger than her self. We can say that she do it in order to take revenges toher husband. But she can’t lie her husband then write her affair into a novel. At last her husband knew about it. Then George Pilgrime went to his lawyer and sent a detective to investigate it without asking his wife first.

            Although Evie know that her husband has affair with another woman, she still conducts her duty as a house wife. But if we compare this situation with our actress and actor in Indonesia, when they know their couple has an affair directly they will separate each other and more over they will use a lawyer to take her divorce. Besides that when a person has an affair they will hide it from their couple. But Evie doesn’t do it. But she poured her affair into a novel and let her husband read it.

But if we compare it with our Balinese culture, it becomes different. When a husband or the wife knew that their couple does an affair, they won’t be judge them directly. But they will ask first abut the truth. Although at last all is right they will bring this problem to be solve in their family. They won’t take this problem to the public by using lawyer to finish it. Because divorcing belongs to a bad or taboo thing to do in Balinese society. They still think about their family names, their children and more over their next life after divorcing. Finally they will forgive each other and bald their family again with forgets all the problem has been occurred before.

When a person in Indonesia were in George Pilgrimr position he will divorce his wife directly after knowing that his wife do an affair. But at last George Pilgrime did not do it. He try look back and compare what his wife done with him. That he has ever do an affair with Daphne when he go to London.  And he think more that what it will be happen after he divorcing his wife. There won’t be a nice, kind and diligent wife anymore that can serve him. There won’t be a patient wife who can receive her husband bad behavior. More over  There won’t be A very smart and popular poet writer besides him. Because more or less it increase his popularity as a colonel. So,he didn’t divorce his wife and let her wife affair  just become a story only as what the reader of his wife novel thought.

From the story about we can grasp that, sometimes not all of affair should be ended by a divorce. And in every problem communications is very important in order to build a god relationship with our couple. And we have to be fair with our cuple about everything. Because there is no people who will helps au at first when we have a problem except our couple it self. 
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