1. Language Comprehension
Ø      To identity the sound system
Ø      To identity understand the word formation and the sentence regulations.
Ø      Interpret the meanings :
§         Lexical meaning
§         Contextual meaning
§         Idiomatic meaning

  1. language Acquisition
·        First Language                    : is first Language which we use in our place environment born like Language mother tongue which we utilize everyday at home.
·        Second Language               : is other Language which we recognize after Language which we utilize everyday at home.
·        Foreign Language.              : is Language which we do not wear everyday but Language which we utilize just for just certain time.

  1. The different of Language Acquisition and Language Learning.
§         Language Acquisitions :
-         Subconscious
-         Automatic / direct
-         Free
§    Language Learning
-         Conscious
-         With media / indirect
-         Scheduled

  1. Language Production
·        Oral
-         Pronunciations
-         Suprasegmental ponems : Pitch intonation, stress, pause.
-         Lexical Choices
-         Kinesics : body movement, hand waving, facial expression, nodding and shaking head etc.
·        Written
-         Clear content
-         Logical presentation / performance
-         Approp
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