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SPEECH ACTS AND EVENTS Speech acts, speech while do something. In speech act, there is an action or event occurs. Speech act also refers to actions performed via utterance. For example: The president open the national sport games by says “Dengan ini saya buka PON IV di Palembang”. When the president speech, then there is an event occur on that time, which are the PON is open. Speech act should supported by felicity condition.

Psycholinguistics Theory

In Part A1, psycholinguistics: what is it?, I have mention, the below and my previous article is discuss on psycholinguistics theory based on the Psycholinguistics Books (Field, John, 2003). The next below material will also talk about introduction to psycholinguistics.
Psycholinguisticstheory A2 Language, Speech and Communication Some question frequently asked in psycholinguistics. Is speech is only use on the human? The answer is, yes it is. Because human is species-specific. Is only the human are able in developing their communication rather than animal? The answer is yes. To what extent is the language faculty separate from other mental operations? Is the language faculty part of general cognition or not?
There are three approaches consider to the language is a language skill, which are: We can specify what we mean by ‘language’ and then attempt to establish if the communication system of any other species fits our criteria.We can establish whether other species a…

Introduction to Psycholinguistics

Below psycholinguistics articles is about psycholinguistic theory based on John Field Psycholinguistics Books, published by Routledge in 2003 (A Resource book for students). Chapter A1 is about Introduction: key concepts in psycholinguistics, where psycholinguistics theory on, psycholinguistics: what is it? According the chapter report, some definition of psycholinguistics are mention in below my chapter report of my handbook of psycholinguistics subjects, Written by John Field. After my subjects in psycholinguistics programs, my lecture also asks me to offer on psycholinguistics research topics.
psycholinguistics book by John Field PDF

Sub classification of adjuncts

Adjuncts Syntactic features of adjuncts can be: -Come within the scope of predication pro-forms or predication ellipsis. -The focus of limiter adverbials such as only -The focus of additive adverbials such as also -The focus of a cleft sentence Adverb Phrases as Adjuncts can often : 1.Constitute a comparative construction 2.Have premodifying however to form the opening of a dependent adverbial clause 3.Have premodifying how, a pro-form for intensifiers in questions or exclamations. 4.Have premodifying so followed by subject-operator inversion and a correlative clause.

Adjuncts, Disjuncts and Conjuncts

Adverbial Class has divided into three parts there are Adjuncts, Disjuncts and Conjuncts. The function of adverbial are realized by adverb phrases, noun phrases, prepositional phrases, finite verb clauses, non-finite verb clauses and verbless clauses. In contrast, a disjunct or a conjunct is not affected by either of these clausal processes. Sub classification of adjuncts has eight classification. Most disjuncts are prepositional phrases or clauses. It can be divided into 2 main classes, Style disjuncts and Attitudinal disjuncts. Most conjuncts are adverb phrases or prepositional phrases. The normal position for most conjuncts is initial.

Reason Why People are Comes to Bali

No other parts of Indonesian can be compete Bali as the international tourist destination. Bali has everything with the other parts do not have. It has beautiful nature, interesting arts, friendly people, nice culture and standard security. Of course, all o them should be the reason why people are comes to Bali From the beach until the mountain Bali have them. The beach has a beautiful sunset, nice sunrise and white sand. People love it. If they get bored, they can go to the mountain. It is still naturally.

Foreign Influences on Old English

Chapter IV Foreign Influences on Old English
-The contact of English with other languages. In the course of the first seven hundred years of its existence in England it was brought into contact with three other languages, the languages of the Celts, the Romans, and the Scandinavians. The nature f these contacts and the changes that were effected by them will from the subject of the present chapter.
-The Celtic Influences. Nothing would seem more reasonable then to expect that the conquest of the Celtic population of Britain’s by the Teutons and the subsequent mixture of the two races should have resulted in a corresponding mixture of their languages. In the east and southeast, where the Teutonic conquest was fully accomplished at a fairly early date, it is probable that there were fewer survivals of a Celtics population than elsewhere.

News Kaskus.Co.Id October 2012, Update Your Thread Now

Refresh yourself, this is the new title of kaskus, the largest Indonesian online community forum. For many people, especially for some foreigner (not Indonesian), they will surprise, what happen to They will find this forum with a new design. Honestly, I like kaskus design presently; however, some problems occur, since kaskus change their new server.
Kaskus migration server is running for 3-6 months ago, since the early of this year, 2012. Over posting is unable avoid. Some thread is lost/ unlinked and many problems appear. Now, this is my main topic, Migrate your thread now. If you have read this article (mine), you should check all of your thread that you have made or create, then check in the new kaskus, is all of your important thread is updated or available in the new kaskus?

Pragmatics: Appropiacy, Inference, Indeterminacy, Context, Relevance, Reflexivity, Misfires

Theory, Definition and Examples according Book of “Doing Pragmatics” by Peter Grundy Below material are based on the Book of “Doing Pragmatics” by Peter Grundy. The material is chapter report of my lecturer in Pragmatics subject.
1. Using and Understanding Language Keywords: indirect meaning, inference, indeterminacy, context, relevance, reflexivity, deixis, implicature, speech act Theory, Definition and Examples
Looking for Peter Grundy Books or ebook, Doing Pragmatics?

Deixis and Distances by George Yule

Chapter II Deixis and Distances Book of “Pragmatics” by George Yule
Deixis Definition: A Deixis is technical terms from Greek, for one of the most basic things we do with utterance (referring by the language). Meaning for the word  Definition to word Sometime, deictic expressions are called indexical.  Some Deixis Examples Some terms in pragmatics: Proximal (near from speaker): this, here, now, he, she, it, Distal (away from speaker) : that, there, then, you. Person deixis (speaker): Me, I. Personal deixis

Definition of Pragmatics

The below material are based on the Book of “Pragmatics” by George Yule, publish by Oxford University Press 1996. The material is chapter report of my lecturer in Pragmatics subject in the Chapter 1 Definition and background: syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, regularity, and the pragmatics wastebasket page 4-6.
Pragmatics is about speaker meaning, contextual meaning, gets communicated that sets, and expression of relative distance.

Mudik In Indonesia

What is the meaning of mudik in English? Mudik, is term of Indonesian language. This term usually used in Ramadhan Month. Its mean that, people are going home to their hometown where they parents are live. Did you get the message. So, maybe mudik could be translated into English as going home.
Why people are going mudik? In the end of Ramadhan, muslim will have Iedul Fitri. Iedul Fitri is a winner day. People who take shaum or fasting will end their holly month of iedul fitri. In the Iedul Fitri, people will go to mudik. Mudik is a tradition on iedul fitri. They will get meeting together with their lovely family, especially their parents. That why, why people are going to mudik. They need to meet their old parents in their hometown. This is an Indonesian tradition, mudik.

Never Judge Anyone From Their Appearance

Beauty of Islam
When it comes to giving dawah, never judge anyone from their appearance. Indeed, think about where you came from and where you are now. Many of us would be ashamed of the sins we committed in the past, yet we look forward to the future of accumulating good deeds and working towards a joyous ending, in'sha'Allah! Source:

Is Sukhoi Crashed the Wall Hill in Somersault Position

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PUNCAK MANIK  - When Sukhoi Suoperjet 100 (SSJ 100) crashing west wall canyon of Batu Sumpit, Gunung Salak (Salak Mountain), Bogor - West Java Indonesia, this plane probably make a somersault position. Head of this jet is nosing dive and a part of empennage raise up and bouncing down from top of small hill then drawee in the hillside by 80 degrees of angle of bank.
“Probably, the back flips (somersault) is caused by the hill is not having any damage.”, stated the Kompol (Police Commissioner) Kristofer Primus from SAR Unit of Brimob Polda Jabar to Republika during the journey down to Puncak Manik, Tueasday (15/5).
The wall hill where Sukhoi Suoperjet 100 (SSJ 100) crashed for they joy flight (demo flight) and bring more than 40 passengers is about 2,000 meters above the sea level (dpl). The pilot of Sukhoi Suoperjet , Alexander  Yablontsev, just down the altitude from 10,000 feet to 6,000 feet.

Break Over the Rule, 14 Mountaineers Get Sanction in Gede Pangarango Mountain

Saturday, 16th of June 2012, 18:22 WIB
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BOGOR – A humor told that 14 mountaineers was lost in Gede Pangrango mountain, West Java-Indonesia, a several days ago will take legal sanction from Balai Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango (Gede Pangrango National Park Beureu) as their action to break over conservation area without permission.
“We will give a sanction to them to cleaning a rubbish in a Gede Pangarango Mountain, planting and adopted the tree,” state Head of Gede Pangarango National Park Bureau, Agus Wahyudi to ANTARA contacted on Sunday.

Which one do you prefer, Google Chrome or Firefox?

I have used firefox browser for a long time. I am happy with this browser, especially with add on that they provided. I like theirs add on, I can find many useful add on for my browsing purposes. Even, this browser takes time in the first loading, but when its runs its very satisfy. I have saved a lot of my username and passwords there. That why I have trust to firefox.

Lake Sentani Festival is Ready

Wednesday, 13th of june 2012, 18:12 GMT +7

Jakarta (Antara News) – Festival Budaya Danau Sentani or Lake Sentani Cultural Festival is ready on 19-30th of June 2012, this year. Wakil Menteri Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif  (Wamen Parekraf) or Vice Minister for Tourism and Creative Economy , Sapta Nirwandar, in press conferences stated that, Lake Sentani festival can attract more tourist to comes to Papua and supports local social economy from tourism activity.
“Lake Sentani Cultural Festival is cultural tourism activity according social activity. Aim of this festival is to preserve local cultural value and support social economy and rising their economy from” tourism activity and creative economy.” Stated Wamen Parekraf.

Batam City Issued Cars Control

Sample of My Free Translation (Indonesian to English) about news Saturday, 9thof June 2012 10:05 WIB
Batam (ANTARA News) – Batam City will issue vehicle control for their city, because of unbalancing road length ratio to number of vehicle.
“Badan Pengusahaan Batam (Batam Industrial Development Authority) as authorized party to give permission on car import and Dinas Perhubungan Kota Batam (Batam Transport Agency) state that car population in Batam is to high here”. said Batam Mayor City, Ahmad Dahlan, on this weekend.

How to Get Easy Money From Internet

This topic always comes into my mind when I turn my computer and start internet connection. Everybody who tries to find the information in the internet usually will find any link or information about “gets money form internet”, including me. I very wonderful when I was introduce to internet, and internet give the surfer opportunity to get money from internet. But honestly, since I try to enter a multiple site to get money from internet, up to today I still can not earn money from internet program.

NEW: What Happened to Forums on May 2012, Server Down or Error?

“ server not found" or “the page is not available”, the page announcement that appear in your browser when you try to visit this largest Indonesian forum on May 26-28, 2012. But, in fact, domain was change their DNS or domain name system, from domain to new domain of or domain.
Press release about this moment was announced by Kaskus CEO, Ken Dean Lawadinata.

Lady Gaga Formally Canceled its Concert into Indonesia

Sunday, 27 May 2012, 12:43 WIB
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - United State of America popular singer, Lady Gaga canceled her concert in Indonesia. This decision was state by official promoter of Lady Gaga, Big Dady, who introduces this eccentric singer Lady Gaga to come to Indonesia.
Attorney of Big Dady, Minola Sebayang state that, this cancellation is taken by promoter management is based on security reason in Indonesia. She argued that, this cancellation of Poker Face singer arrival is not because of unlicensed formally from Indonesian Police.
“In difficult ways, Big Dady formally state to media that Lady Gaga concert is can not be performed. We are considering to Indonesian security situation” She stated on Sunday (May 27th, 2012). is “Server not Found”

That is announcement from my browser during May 26th-27th 2012, when I was try to visit The biggest online Indonesian forum, is under maintenance on that day. This forum has more than 4,3 million members (May 2012) from any country. The name of kaskus is derived from kasak-kusuk, where its mean that, the term that used when we talking about something, especially someone, Maybe if we try to make an English it might become “check and re-check” or “chereck”.
When I post this, this site is still under server error. All the member realize that, this forum is under upgrading process, since their server is begin overload and over posting on the forum. This moment is always happen when the time is indicate at peak hour, usually at 8-10 PM or 1-3 AM. Therefore, this forum has try to upgrade their server in last 2-4 four ago.
This forum is very interesting, especially for Indonesian people. The entire member can find much information related their daily activity. Another par…

NTT Owned Eight Natural Wonders

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KUPANG --  Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT or East Lesser Sundas) owned eight wonders as part of tourism sector to activate and engine of basic needs for social economy.
These natural wonders are located in Flores Island (five wonders) and others are located in Sumba Island (Nihiwatu Beach), Alor Island (Alor Dive), and Nemberalla Beach in Rote Ndao Regency.
“Government Assistance Team has comes and discuss all about this eight wonders. Now, the Team is finishing NTT tourism master plan which are presented before.” said Governor Assistance Secretary Team of NTT, Edu Hena in Kupang on Monday. “In master plan draft, we mention the NTT eight wonders and could be able as suppor engine for social economy.”

A Judge and An Old Lady Cassava Steal

In the courtroom, a judge is seated, listening, stunned, to the charges being read out by the Prosecutor against an old lady accused of stealing cassava in a plantation. The old lady defended her action on the basis of poverty, saying that her son was ill, and her grandchild was starving. But a man, the manager of the Company that owned the cassava plantation asserted that the charges would continue as an example for other people.

The Judge drew a long breath, and said, “Forgive, madam,” as he looked at the old lady.

“I cannot grant you exemption from the law, for the law is still the law, and you must be prosecuted. I sentence you with a fine of Rp.1 million, and if you are unable to pay the fine, you must face 2,5 years imprisonment, as the Prosecutor has charged.”

Language Shift, Language Death, and Language Loss

I. Language Shift in Different Communities a.Migrant Minorities             There is pressure from the wider society. Immigrants who look and sound ‘different’ are often regarded as threatening by majority group members. There is pressure to conform in all kind of ways. Language shift to English, for instance, has often been expected of migrants in predominantly monolingual countries such as England, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Speaking good English has been regarded as a sign of successful assimilation, and it was widely assumed that meant abandoning the minority language. We can observe the shift by nothing the change in people’s patterns of language use in different domains over time. b.Migrant Majorities             Language shift often reflects the influence of political factors and economic factors, such as the need for work. People may shift both location

The Song of “Auld Lang Syne”

History of English Literature II Subjects
What is the meaning of "Auld Lang Syne", it's mean as "Days Lang Ago" I. The Song of “Auld Lang Syne” (Days Lang Ago)       This song was created on pre-romanticism period in history of English literature. This song has strong relation with French revolution and Elizabeth age, because this song is reflected about social condition in that period. People were missed to the Elizabeth age and were felt disappointed with the aim of French revolution. And French revolution is not expected as social dream.
II. Why this period popular as Tennyson period

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Introducing to English Literary I Subject
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Analysis of Major Characters: Tom Sawyer             When the novel begins, Tom is a mischievous child who envies Huck Finn’s lazy lifestyle and freedom. As Tom’s adventures proceed, however, critical moments show Tom moving away from his childhood concerns and making mature, responsible decisions. These moments include Tom’s testimony at Muff Potter’s trial, his saving of Becky from punishment, and his heroic navigation out of the cave. By the end of the novel, Tom is coaxing Huck into staying at the Widow Douglas’s, urging his friend to accept tight collars, Sunday school, and good table manners. He is no longer a disobedient character undermining the adult order, but a defender of respectability and responsibility. In the end, growing up for Tom means embracing social custom and sacrificing the freedoms of childhood.

Foreign interpreters may harm RI diplomacy: SBY

Quoted from by Bagus BT Saragih,
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Thu, 02/23/2012 5:57 PM

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has urged the Foreign Ministry to speed up the education and training of presidential interpreters to help him communicate with his counterparts overseas.
 “We urgently need more interpreters who are capable of speaking many foreign languages, particularly other than English, Chinese and Spanish,” the President told 130 Indonesian diplomats stationed in 88 countries, including 85 ambassadors and 28 consuls general, in a meeting held at the Foreign Ministry’s Pancasila building on Thursday.

THE COLONEL’S LADY (Social life point of view analysis)

THE COLONEL’S LADY (Social life point of view analysis) PROSE ANALYSIS: Group Assignment             The Colonel’s Lady is a short story written by W.Somerset Maugham.T he story consists of some characteristic which has a relatedness each other such as: George Pilgrimre, Evie, E.K. Hamilton, Banock, Daphne, Duke of Havarel. Henry Dashwood, and Henry Blane. The story is about George Pilgrime and his wife Evie, who made  a novel tells about her secret love with a young boy, but lately that young boy was died. Actually, Evie has given the novel to her husband to be read out. But George Pilgrime didn’t do it. When he went to London, he so surprised because her wife novel is very popular. I t makes him become interesting to reread her wife novel. Later on, he knew that thye novel show her wife secret love with another person. Then he went to his lawyer and he wanted to send detective to investigate her wife affairs. Firstly, he wants to divorce his wife but he didn’t do it because he feel …


Sunday, February 26, 2012
Hai there, How are you? Are you fine…. I hope yes.             Well this is my personal feeling spread in a piece of monitor. Today I have my birthday on 26 years old. But I am still alone, without creating my family. I feel ill if I see a couple that’s looks very romantics. I just imagine when I will create that.
            Silaturahmi is form Muslim words. It means that come to say hallo to someone or your family and taking a chit chat. Usually use for to ask for news or something that need to know as a personnel feeling. That is a good attitude I think. But, what do you think in this period, have you a quest or someone from your family or best friend comes to your home in this week, or in this month. What do you feel if they come? Of course sometimes you are happy, sometimes your dislike it.

Renaissance and Restoration Period (Part III, Last)

My History of English Literature Assignment part III, Last Restoration Drama             In 1660 Charles II returned to England from France following the end of Oliver Cromwell’s Commonwealth and the re-establishment of the monarchy. Charles I had been executed in 1649, and from that date until 1660 England had been a Commonwealth, with Cromwell as Lord Protector. With the restoration of the king there came a change in cultural direction. The returning court was heavily influenced by French fashion and ideas, especially by a more secular view of the world. In addition, there were also other changes taking place outside the court which gave a new tone to life.

Renaissance and Restoration Period (Part II)

My History of English Literature Assignment part II > Ben Jonson and The Masque             It is not easy to fit Ben Jonson into the paten of Renaissance drama, but it would be totally misleading to leave him out. Jonson was born in London, the son of a clergyman, and educated at Westminster School, where he acquired a good knowledge of classics. At first he worked as a bricklayer, but subsequently, after military service in Flanders, became an actor and playwright.             Jonson’s first major play was Everyman in His Humour (1598). By humour Jonson meant the governing passion of human beings, such as greed, lust and ambition, passion which he exaggerates for the purpose of the satire. Renaissance and medieval physiology, a humour was a bodily fluid; excessof one particular fluid was felt to unbalance the tempera

Renaissance and Restoration Period (Part I)

My History of English Literature 1 Assignment Part I Renaissance Drama and Christopher Marlowe             Renaissance drama is a term that embraces Elizabethan drama, Jacobean drama (works written during the reign of James I), and the plays written during the reign of Charles I. it involves three main kinds of theater: public, private and court. Regular playgoing in London, however, began in the 1570s. The Red Lion provided a model for the building pf other renaissance public theaters. In the plays of Christopher Marlowe is the first great dramatist of the Renaissance period.


Language Comprehension ØTo identity the sound system ØTo identity understand the word formation and the sentence regulations. ØInterpret the meanings : §Lexical meaning §Contextual meaning §Idiomatic meaning