Offerings to the God and Buta Kala

In the teach of philosophy Hindu-Bali, all things that change and happen in this nature are cause of conflict between two powers, that are positive and negative. Gods are representing good power, Buta kala are represent evil power. Between them, they always making a war and each of them is using their magic power as their weapon and using human life as their bet.
Therefore, we must make them happy so each of them is not angry to the other because, human will guaranteed as their result. The concept between the all relationship must we make balance is coming from.

          The balance in our life is sensitive wobbly in a certain situation, for example when there is a born, menstruation, death, and a crime.  From the bad impact of the death person big or not is depend on the position from the death. The other example is, bad impact of the death king is bigger than ordinary people. The bad impact in this context is called as sebel , that is a soiled situation in our physical or our spiritual, is cause of our soul become weak and sensitive to get influence from Buta kala. The situation of sebel have to recover with held a purified ritual that is make offer using  a holy water and magic formula  is speaking by a competent Balinese priest.

          The activity of Buta kala is making a trouble to human. Such as making an accident or disaster etc., they can come into our boy and can make our body sick or become crazy. We must give an offer (it’s called banten) or sacrifice to The Gods or Buta kala. The characteristic of offerings is same as present to the people, the taste must good and the view is interesting. The contents of offering are fruit, cake, rice, flower, money, chicken. After the offer was give to the gods in the temple, it can be bring to our home and eat them. Using this way we will satisfy because we have divided food with the god. The offerings to Buta kala is content of meat (not must be the fresh one) and jut put on the ground. It residue w cannot we eat but it eat by dog.

          The basic of Buta kal is greedy, so just make them happy, everyday we must give them a little offer, like a few rice,  flower, a piece of snack, one or two small change. In sure day their desire to make trouble is big, on night around day it called kajeng kliwon. On this time, we must give them bigger offerings than usually. We give an offering to the god and buta kala in order that their pity to us and give things what we want. Therefore, the function of offering is same as bribe but we cannot say that so that they not angry with us. Epidemic, famine, nature calamity is because of them that they are not satisfied with us.


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