Language Change (part 2 of 2)

Language Change (part 2 of 2)

Consider to my Assignment  during my study in English 
How do we study language change?
            Apparent-time studies of language change
            A great deal f linguistic variation is stable but some is an indication of linguistic change in progress.  The challenge is to identify the clues which makes it possible to predict which current variation will result in change and which won’t.
            Language change in real time
            The apparent time method of studying language change is a useful shortcut for sociolinguistic who generally cannot afford to wait around for twenty years to see what happens in a real time. These changes were identified by comparing a sample people in 1968 and another similar sample fifteen years later. In other word this was a study done in real time: a very reliable method of identifying changes and we need to consider the social factors which affect language use.

Reason for language change
            Social status and language change
            Lower class speakers are more influential in spreading less conscious linguistic change. Alternatively, it may spread into the informal speech of young people from the higher social groups, and so gradually spread upwards in this way.
            Gender and language change
            Women tend to be associated which changes toward doth prestige and vernacular norms, whereas men more often introduce vernacular change. Women are leading change are towards the standard, while men are introducing new vernacular variants.
            Interaction and language change
            Interaction and contact between people is crucial in providing the channels for linguistic change. Linguistic change generally progress most slowly in tightly knit communities which have little contact with the outside world.


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