History of English Literature

History of English Literature
Romanticism Period (1800-1850)

1. The Social Background
The society was felling disappointed because the French revolution is not occur as they expected.
For the writers, French revolution has been giving the writers motivation and with their dream in order to boost their creation to produce romanticism literary works.
2. The Remarkable Event
         French revolution
the history of European before and after 18th century was developed by French revolution.
the relevance of the French revolution to English literature not be immediately apparent.
The characteristics of literary works
         Focus on stress felling than ratio.
         There is some mystical feature.
Some writer believe that, some of object in this nature have a same spirit

The literary works and the writer
1. William Wordsworth (1770-1850)
-         The best his literary works was gather in “Lyrical Ballads” (1798).
2. Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1854)
-         “ode to French” story about the youngster hopefulness in French revolution.
3. Lord Byron
-         The well-known his literary works is “Childe Harold’s pilgrimage ”
1.    Walter Scott
His literary works, historical novel, become permanent type, especially for English literature. The important his literary works are “The heart of midlonian” (1818), “Ivanhoe” (1820) and “The Talisman” (1825)
2. Anne Radecliffe (1764-1823)
“The mysteries of Udulpho” full with mysterious event and known as “Terror Novels” and become as “Mother of fiction detective” for modern novel.
Drama was not developed well because the middle classes in this period who dominated the English society not appreciate drama as part of art.


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