The Crims

The Crims
(part 1)

Have hear this? Well this is kind of game, game in RPG Game. The Crims is online game where player only click the button in their monitor. Sometime I play this game just for fun. It’s criminal game. But just I told before, it’s only just for fun game. The winner of this will be get $500 in the end of game time. One day in The Crims game is only 6 hours in the real time.

Basic of this game is how to get high respect in the end of the game. Usually the winner of this game is player by respects more than 1 million. The activity of The Crims Player is, Robbery, Assault, Sabotage, hookers, drug dealer, produce drugs, go to nightlife, and business.

The most favourite activity in this game by major player is assaults another player. When they success, kill another player, the player will be cannot play this game for a day.


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