Kancil and Rabbit

Once upon a time, when animal understanding each other there was a kancil. Small dear without horns but smart enough. One day he talks to white clean rabbit. He told that, he could run faster than rabbit. Because everyday he usually across a hill in the forest to walk along. And he always count haw long he run trough the hill. But rabbit know habit of kancil. So he just keeps quite and listens to kancil.

Then kancil asked rabbit to race across the hill. Rabbit said Ok. Kancil does not know if rabbit have canal under the hill. Rabbit will across its canal, because he knows kancil ever talk to snail that he can defeat in a race. But kancil lost, because snail is clever than kancil. Know rabbit will defeat kancil in other way.

Then the race begins.

Kancil run firstly in front of the rabbit. After kancil turn, and lost from rabbit, rabbit enter into its canal, trough the finish line. This canal is a home for rabbit, but kancil does not this place. When rabbit in the end of the canal, he wait for kancil. Kancil very surprised see the rabbit, can defeat him.

Than Kancil asked rabbit, how can he defeat him. Rabbit told to kancil about the canal. Rabbit also said that the story about kancil and crocodile. How possible rabbit can against many crocodile. How kancil defeat farmer by can lose the trap for him. Kancil say sorry to rabbit and he promise he never does it again.


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