Monday, June 18, 2012

Which one do you prefer, Google Chrome or Firefox?

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I have used firefox browser for a long time. I am happy with this browser, especially with add on that they provided. I like theirs add on, I can find many useful add on for my browsing purposes. Even, this browser takes time in the first loading, but when its runs its very satisfy. I have saved a lot of my username and passwords there. That why I have trust to firefox.

But one time, yahoo email asked me to upgrade my yahoo mail. Then I upgrade my yahoo mail. They have a new appearance, I like that. On the first time, I did not think about connection during I check my email. But after a while, when I want to check my inbox and check my contact or sent items, it need more interval time between move one folders into another. I need more than 5 seconds’ interval time to move from one folder into another folder. Then I tolerate this problem, even when interval time is conducted, some others page that I opened is getting slowly, sometimes, hang.

First of all, I think this is a problem of my connection. Then I changed my connection by internet cable service. But the problem is still works. Now, I see another alternative browser, google chrome. I try this browser, and check my email. Alhamdulillah, there is no problem again. Now, for this moment I used google browser as my favorite browser and sometimes used my forefox.

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